Mom and Kid Things Inside of Diaper Bag

If you put personal items into a diaper bag, the following are important things that should you bring: purse, key, mobile, sunglasses, paper and pen or pencil, snacks or gum, water bottles or beverage, packaging, books or magazines, and a change of clothes to keep in contact with vomit or spit up. Besides, below are more important things to bring inside of your baby bag.

  1. A few pieces of clothing
    You also need to bring a change of clothes in your diaper bag. In order not to forget, choose special outfit that always exist in the baby bag. If unused when you go, do not be issued. Let it remaining in the bag so you will not forget when you go later in the day. Prepare shirt, pants, underwear, and socks. Always remember to remove these clothes and replace it with a larger size according to your baby's growth. Therefore, do not carry clothes of a newborn when the child is aged 6 months.

  2. Sunscreen
    If your baby is 6 months old yet, keep him away from direct sunlight, put the thin clothes, and use hat to protect the back of the neck and over his head in your diaper bag. Use sunscreen only when needed. Be sure to read the instructions on the package to make sure the sunscreen is safe for your baby. When your baby was a little older, you can expand the use of sunscreen. It is recommended to use SPF of at least 15, ideally 30. Experts recommend replacing your sunscreen every two years because of the expired time.

  3. Bottles
    If you are a breast-feeding person and go to places that do not allow for you to breastfeed, be sure to bring a bottle of expressed milk in a cooler bag. If your child drinks milk formula, bring a bottle of formula milk that has been filled in it, or use disposable packaging milk. In this way, a milk bottle will not take much space in your bag.

  4. Favorite Toys
    Toys can be taken in the form or something that could rattle your baby handheld. Or it could be a gadget. You will need it if your child is bored.

  5. Comfortable object
    The little one usually has a favorite objects, such as a blanket or stuffed, which must be taken with him at any time. Make sure you carry this thing to help cheer him on as he starts to fuss.

  6. Pacifiers
    If your child uses a pacifier, you must understand how important this thing in your life and your child. So, do not ever forget it, set up two dummy inside a special container and always put in a diaper bag.

  7. Cell phone
    Make sure your mobile phone store phone numbers pediatrician, neighbors, emergency numbers, your partner, and your baby's grandparents. Use a laminated card containing important numbers for these in your bag in case your phone is lost.

  8. Identity
    Create a laminated card containing the name, address, telephone number, and email address just in case when your bag is lost. A clear identity will help people who find it to return it to you.

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